Writing Fiction

As an only child, I spent a lot of time alone living out stories in my head. Eventually these were put down on paper. Now I write in stolen moments: at the library while my daughter’s at Brownies, in my head while I am walking the dog or proctoring an exam, and during the insomniac witching hours.

I’m seeking representation for Tomorrow I’ll Miss You, a work of speculative fiction for adults complete at 101,000 words.

Sent back in time to deliver a SOS message, Teddy Scott discovers 1953 isn’t all that different from 1983. Headlines still warn of Soviet malfeasance, Ronald Reagan looms large—only on the silver screen—and no matter the decade, as a Vietnamese-American adoptee, Teddy feels utterly conspicuous. If he can dodge Red Scare paranoia, Teddy might be able to pass on intelligence about a faulty missile that started an apocalyptic war. Since a side effect of time travel grants him access to early memories, Teddy’s also tempted to fix his own past.

Teddy finds allies amongst fellow time travellers, similarly drawn to protecting the future, while distracted by opportunities for reinvention. There’s Holland Greene, a pilot who survives military life by staying in the closet. When he falls for the scientist who will eventually invent time travel, Holland allows himself to imagine ‘what if?’ Teddy also befriends Lena Bell, a refugee from the future war he’s trying to prevent. Having lost everything, Lena thrives in Golden Age Hollywood plagiarizing movies yet to be made.

When his mission flounders, Teddy could stay in the relative—if finite—safety of the past and prevent his younger self’s orphaning, or along with Holland and Lena, he could try to expedite the creation of time travel in hopes of ensuring there’s a future beyond 1983.

TOMORROW I’LL MISS YOU is a work of science fiction complete at 101,000 words. Think Chernobyl meets Stranger Things. Much like W.L. Goodwater’s Breach, it grounds an alternate history in real Cold War politics and culture. As Chloe Benjamin’s characters do in The Immortalists, Teddy, Lena, and Holland sequentially narrate the novel.